Debut Show - Melbourne, The Prague

From - Dale Anders
I have been kiss fan for years went your gig lastnight wow guys what amazing show you guys put on. Made his fan very happy keep on rocking all night

From - Olivia Stevens
Fantastic! More shows.The guys do a great show.

From - Nat Catherine Aitken
More shows!!!! Absolutely awesome acoustic set, with a mix of well known kiss songs and ones you'd never expect a tribute to play! Your "chill" vibe as you interacted with the audience and each other was beautiful. Was a special show. Definitely would come again.

From - Mya Holden
You guys were great last night. Hope theres some more shows to come. I'm officially a Kiss convert.

From - Dawn Gellatly-Hofland
Well done to you all Black Diamond rocked All the best We will be back xxx dawn and steve

From - Danny Slaviero
Kick ass set tonight boys!! Loved every minute of it!!! Hearing all those obscure tracks made me wanna grab that bass and play along!!! Lol.

From - Mireille Deck
It was a fantastic night! Well done to all of you. LOVED "Sure know Something!!" Great guitar work, awesome harmonies and a very well rehearsed show. ♥

From - Scott Harding
Great job Jade and great show Dressed to Chill. I'm in the Kiss are kinda Ok camp and I'm converted. Still not sure about that song from The Elder though!

From - Jon Powers
The guys were great ! Nice to see a "different" type of tribute band :) Well Done !

From - Shaz Martello-Rowe
What an awesome show!! MASSIVE YAY for you all, flippn sensational haha, thanx heaps for the invite, had a unreal time... Look forward to the nxt one :)

From - Tara Barber
Went to see the fantastically awesome Dressed to Chill last night with the amazingly talented Matt Bradshaw, Rav Thomas and Rhys Lett. Wasn't sure what to expect but as usual the boys did not disappoint. FANTASTIC!!!

Melbourne - The Bendigo Hotel

From Kerrie - Loved the show last night. 1st time I have been able to make it. It was fantastic, loved the set list. Thank you for my request "Tonight You Belong To Me". I am looking forward to future gigs in 2013. Thank you all again

From Blasphemy Twentyone - Great show last night guys... you have great vocals great musicianship and a nice chill demeanour. looking forward to next time I see you

From Richo - Last night smashed it .......
Get your asses down to a gig with these guys kiss fans ....
Amazing .......

From Dynissty Kisstroyer - Totally awesome show ...
Kiss fans , your mad if you don't take a night out with these guys

From Cassandra - Good show tonight guys......
Well worth coming down to watch