Rhys Lett

Starting with the ability to drop a needle on a turntable at the age of 18 months, Rhys Lett has lived a life full of musical adventures.  A self taught guitarist (with a little help from his Dad), Rhys has been the 'go to' guitarist/vocalist for many a band in Melbourne for well over a decade, gigging on average 150 shows a year since his start in the industry at the tender age of 16.  He has performed with almost every Melbourne cover band in that time as a vocalist, guitarist or bass player, somewhat of a 'gun for hire' you could say!  Rhys has spent time with fellow Dressed to Chill singer/guitarist Matt Bradshaw in his band G-Force as well as playing in Scarecrow (The John Mellencamp tribute show), Bad Medicine (Australia's best Bon Jovi tribute band) and also backing nationally acclaimed aritsts; Jimmy Cupples (The Voice), Jason Dean (Babba) and Jason Vorheer (Birtles, Shorrock & Gobles, Daryl Braithwaite).  His versatility and endles repertoire never ceases to amaze audiences and musicians alike.

Rhys' first impression of KISS as a young child was pure terror after seeing his neighbours painted up and ready to go to the Melbourne show in 1980 (thankfully he has no memory of this traumatic event).  In his teenage years though, the terror dissipated and Rhys could regularly be heard after school, dissecting every note and lick of KISS ALIVE!  He says of his main musical influences; "starting out on guitar The Beatles taught me all about chords, then it was Ace's playing in KISS that showed me how to play a lead guitar which was something other than just the notes to the scales."

Living life truly immersed in his music and defying the old saying that "those who can, do and those who can't, teach", Rhys spends his weekdays teaching and mentoring young musicians as a highly sought after and well respected teacher at his own music school, the well reputed and very popular Eastern Suburbs School of Music.  There, Rhys teaches the 'rock' to well over 100 of the next generation of Melbourne musicians and also acts as a consultant to many local music programs.

Rhys is proudly supported by KC's Rock Shop in Boronia.

Rhys' Other Musical Adventures